The project runs for 36 months and includes 9 activities.

1. Project management

This sums up the whole spectrum of actions needed to implement the project: administration, coordination, internal communication, monitoring and reporting. The project management team ensures the fulfillment of its objectives.

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2. Information and communication

We ensure that the message of the project is propagated correctly and efficiently at local, regional, national and international level. In addition, we want to raise public awareness on the importance of the project.

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3. Creating the community space

We plan to rehabilitate and transform an old barn in the village into a multifunctional community space. The space will be repaired, repartitioned and arranged to host community events and cultural events in a friendly environment. A place for the community to share.

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4. Establishment of the ȘURA civic activism club

We are trying to increase the confidence of children and young people by involving them in non-formal education activities, games and activities of learning and protection of the environment. They will also contribute practically to the arrangement of a thematic garden and a sports field.

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5. Non-formal inclusive civic education program

The barn rehabilitated in the first year of the project will open its gates wide for the whole young generation in the village. Enthusiastically, we will organize in this sense civic education workshops with inspirational themes: cultural empowerment, healthy habits for yourself and the environment, self-esteem, the importance of involvement in the community. How will we do this? Through stories, movies and cartoons, role-playing games, skits and introspection exercises, music, dance and of course broad smiles. During the summer camp children will recreate the community of a village and each will receive the responsibility of a grown up.

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6. Democracy on the grass

We familiarize the villagers with notions related to local public institutions, through exercises and simulations of approaches to exercising civil rights. Volunteer activities and visits to local institutions complete the range of activities. We encourage the community to take action.

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