About the project

A project with a real impact

ȘURA is a project with a real impact, extremely necessary in the Archita community, Mures County, a former proud and flourishing Saxon village with over 1,000 Saxon inhabitants in the 80’s of the last century. Today, Saxons no longer live there. Unofficially, over 50% of the village`s population is Roma, Roma living in empty households, following the emigration of Transylvanian Saxons. The village, spatially marginalized by the rest of the villages in the commune, represents a home for children, young people and adults who have a limited perspective in overcoming their social and economic condition. Although, in the case of Archita, we can speak of a very rich and valuable cultural and natural heritage, only 40% of the adults in the village have an occupation, the majority of the population being inactive.


ȘURA will be the beginning of a necessary process to change the perspectives of the inhabitants of Archita, and this project will be focused mainly on the younger generations. The purpose of the project is to try and restore people`s optimism and confidence in the idea that being actively involved in the community is a good thing. And this goal will be successful only through complementary interventions in community infrastructure, education and awareness of those involved.


2008. Since then we have been active, as a Foundation, in the village community. The projects have been implemented under the umbrella concept of a Whole village project and included restoration works, cultural education and the initiative to support the local economy. In 2017, we developed, together with and for the community, a “Strategic Local Action Plan” and we identified, one by one, the aspects where change is needed: accentuated social disparity, community fragmentation, lack of recreation spaces, involvement civics and volunteering programs.


The project`s interventions are based on solutions proposed by the locals themselves, and its activities give the younger generation the chance to practice active citizenship and to develop life skills. Basically, it makes them responsible and encourages the project beneficiaries to become active citizens, with ideas, knowledge, initiatives and great self-confidence. We especially want people to have a common vision for the good of the entire community.

ȘURA in numbers:

9 project activities
210 direct beneficiaries of the project
25 - percentage of Roma inhabitants involved in the project
36 - number of months of the project
240,804 euros - financing from the Active Citizens Fund
30,000 euros - the contribution of the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation
250 - civic education infographics printed and distributed

1 - rehabilitated and refurbished barn in the community space
1 - sports field
30 - active members of the Civic Activism Club ȘURA
1 - theme garden
2 - organized brunches
2 - Archita Community Day events
45 - workshops for children, young people and adults