December 14 – The day we celebrated the completion of our project

On Friday, December 14, we ended with songs and cheers the project THE BARN: Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement in the village of Archita. We drew a line, we enjoyed everything we achieved in the project together with the village community. And the choir from Viscri paid us a visit to our welcoming and warm COUNTRY. The children sang, did crafts at the gingerbread decorating workshop, and enjoyed the warmth of the yard, as did us adults.

We were happy to have with us our partners from the Vânători City Hall, Mr. Mayor Mircea Felegean, who supported us so that everything went well in the project. Geta, Georgiana, and Mr. Ghiță from the Discover Archita Association were also with us, as were the children from the upper classes of the village school, those who are part of our civic involvement club, ȘURA. Other beautiful people from the area with commendable initiatives also came to the event. The atmosphere was very pleasant and warm with many smiles and cheers, and we were satisfied that we completed an important project for the village community.


Colleagues from the project detailed the activities done in the project, from the civic engagement camps to the educational workshops, to the exchange of experience with other NGOs, to the volunteering or development activities of the local economy, as was the “Harvest Day “. Another great thing that we experienced on this occasion was that people from the community donated books for the small library that we wanted to make on the first floor of the house, where we set up the relaxation area. Thank you to all participants in this beautiful final event!


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