Last Episode of our Advocacy Campaign „In-cluded. Vs. Excluded”

Today we are at Episode 8 – the last – of our advocacy campaign for social inclusion, carried out within the BARN project – Laboratory for Experimentation and Inclusive Civic Involvement. With this occasion,  we meet two people who constantly get involved in their communities with benefit, in terms of social inclusion .

Oriana Irimia is a doctor in biology and the wife of the Orthodox priest from Boiu, Albești commune. 6 years ago, together with Vasilića Balogh, they founded the Children’s Club in Boiu, organizing camps, nature outings and visits to the fortress. The result was an award-winning children’s ensemble at 2 festivals of traditions and carols in 2019. All travel costs for children from disadvantaged families are borne from the personal budget and donations. In the pandemic, isolation and lack of access to health services hit rural communities hard, especially among children, the disadvantaged and the elderly. Thus, the “Medicines from Boiu” workshop appeared at the Parochial House, where those without opportunities found allopathic and natural medicines (many of them given free of charge to those in need, especially children), treatments for chronic conditions, a good word , the possibility of having their blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation measured for free. Since 2022, at “Leacuri de la Boiu” several series of children from the school in Boiu have been trained in the secrets of searching for sources of food in nature and of recognizing and preparing medicinal plants from the local flora, contributing to a greater degree of independence in the community and generating local business ideas among young students. Contact:; Phone and WhatsApp 0728843190 Oriana Irimia


Volker Reiter is the initiator of the ProEtnica festival, “a festival that I am not organizing for myself, but for a normal Romania”, as he stated in an interview. The festival brings unity in diversity, as they say, and strengthens inter-ethnic peace in a democratic society. “We collaborated extremely well with the national minority organizations, we had over 800 participants, over 1,100 accommodations during the festival, we had over 50 shows on the main stage and we had an amazing agora section.” said the initiator of the prize about this year’s edition of the festival.


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