In-cluded. Ex-cluded. The 7th episode.

Episode 7 of the “In-clus. Excluded. When a syllable decides destiny.” comes with the latest set of opportunities and challenges that we encountered during the November 14th event. The opportunities we can help with are:

1. The positive examples of integration among the Roma and life models.

2. Services and clubs for parents.

3. Transport for beneficiaries and “School after school”.

4. Learning new skills: English – a useful tool in social inclusion programs.

The challenges encountered are:

1. The large amount of time that must be allocated to social assistance forms.

2. Lack of a clear vision when we think about the steps to take for social inclusion programs in our area.

3. People in the community who oppose the projects.

4. Sustainability of projects ending when projects end.

5. Identification of financing.

6. It is often difficult to bring the community together.

*** Participate in our virtual brainstorming, where we aim to find 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, inspired by the projects in which you are involved. We are working on a collection of 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, which will appear in a joint guide of several NGOs and social inclusion initiatives. Write down your idea or ideas in a message to the email address:, by November 29, the date on which our campaign ends. *** To increase campaign impact: 📤 Help us with a SHARE. 🎯Give us a LIKE. 🗣 Leave us a COMMENT. The project of which the campaign is a part: ȘURA – Laboratory for experimentation and inclusive civic involvement We are supported by: Active Citizens Fund – Romania #come on #ActiveCitizensFund #Romania #activecitizens #EEANorwayGrants

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