„Inluded”. vs. „Excluded” Episode 6 of our Advocacy Campaign

Episode 6 of our Campaign “Included. Excluded. When a syllable decides destinies.” presents today three NGOs active in the field of social inclusion. The VERITAS Foundation from Sighisoara has the slogan “We want to make a positive difference in the community” and comes with many social services all with a strong impact. I do a great job at the Children’s Day Care Center, the Teen Day Care Center, the Retired Adult Day Care Center, and the Day Care Center for Adults with Disabilities. They also have a social canteen, a cafe with a nice name, “House on the Rock”, and cool projects: “Mainstream Sighișoara – European investment for social inclusion”, “Your health matters”, “Peace Corps”, “Generations Project”, which had, for example, eight senior volunteers who shared their knowledge with children and young people.

Find the Herbarium – Plant farm in the village of Soard, from Vânători, Mureș. Anamaria, the initiator of the project, writes that “Herbarium – Şura cu plante was born from the desire to remind people that plants have many benefits and therapeutic effects on the body”, but gradually, “Herbarium” became the place where Anamaria volunteers workshops for children in her village and in the future wants to open a holistic shelter center for mothers and children facing domestic violence.


The “Life Has Meaning” association offers primary and specialized services for children and young people with disabilities within the Day Centers. “What we want to offer is education, care for the children and young people admitted to our programs, increasing the degree of family and community involvement in ensuring decent living conditions for children with disabilities. We facilitate access to education, socialization, and social insertion of children with disabilities or in situations of special needs that can cause their marginalization or social exclusion, by providing specialized services in the Center, as well as through collaboration partnerships with local authorities, other institutions, and organizations with duties in the field of protection and promotion of children’s rights.” You can find them at: asociatiavas@gmail.com


Participate in our virtual brainstorming, where we aim to find 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, inspired by the projects in which you are involved. We are working on a collection of 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, which will appear in a joint guide of several NGOs and social inclusion initiatives. Write down your idea or ideas in a message to the email address: contact@mihaieminescutrust.ro, by November 29, the date on which our campaign ends.

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