In-cluded. Ex-cluded. Our advocacy campaign continues

Episode 4.

You know that since the beginning of this week, we have been running the “In-clus. Excluded. When a syllable decides destiny.” advocacy campaign.

Today we reached episode 4, and on this occasion, we write to you what are the opportunities and challenges that 16 NGOs and people with social initiatives put together on paper during our meeting on November 14.

1. We realized that a close collaboration between NGOs in the area works better than situations where each one does it separately.
2. Social inclusion events are very beneficial – as was the Harvest Day in our project, of the MET, in Archita.
3. Play and play bring children and people together, at the workshop someone said “There is no poverty in play.”
4. NGO persistence pays off in the long run.

1. Religious barriers often stand in the way of interacting with vulnerable people.
2. Authorities that cannot collaborate with NGOs for objective reasons can be a topic of discussion and solutions can be found.
3. The help offered is not always well received by vulnerable people, who do not always manage it well. The example here can be the clothes received from donations and thrown on the field.

Participate in our virtual brainstorming, where we aim to find 100 SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, inspired by the projects in which you are involved. We are working on a collection of 100 SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, which will appear in a joint guide of several NGOs and social inclusion initiatives. Write down your idea or ideas in a message to the email address:, by November 29, the date on which our campaign ends. To increase campaign impact: 📤 Help us with a SHARE. 🎯Give us a LIKE. 🗣 Leave us a COMMENT. The project of which the campaign is a part: ȘURA – Laboratory for experimentation and inclusive civic involvement ȘURA – Laboratory for experimentation and inclusive civic involvement

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