We are starting an advocacy campaign

Episode 1 Today we are launching the advocacy campaign In-cluded. 𝗘𝘅-cluded. When a syllable decides destinies., a campaign which is carried out within the project: “The BARN – Laboratory for Experimentation and Inclusive Civic Involvement”. Social inclusion is a part of our lives and affects us all directly or indirectly. Whether we are talking about Tanti Petruța, our neighbor left alone and without any help, or about Camelia, the lady who has been unemployed for a long time and is unable to get a job again, or about David, a very clever Roma boy with whom his neighbors are reluctant to he is playing, because his clothes are old and not very clean. Social inclusion refers to all people who belong to vulnerable groups: people with disabilities, those with a low level of education, those from marginalized areas or people in a period of social reintegration, drug users, or victims of human trafficking. “In” or “Ex” – which side of the barricade are you on?


14 years after the integration into the European Union, the rate of risk of poverty or social exclusion for the over 65 age group was 33.9% in Romania, compared to the European rate of 18.7%. Beyond figures and statistics, numbers and rigid calculations, behind every data there are souls that are stirring, souls like ours. 84% of children with parents with a low level of education were at risk of poverty or social exclusion three years ago, compared to 5 in 100 children with parents with a high level of education (university and postgraduate).
Participate in our virtual brainstorming, where we aim to find SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, inspired by the projects in which you are involved. We are working on a collection of SOCIAL INCLUSION IDEAS, which will appear in a common guide of several NGOs and social inclusion initiatives. Write down your idea or ideas in a message to the email address: contact@mihaieminescutrust.ro, by November 29, the date on which our campaign ends.


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