5 civic involvement workshops took place within the project

We recently told you about the five workshops held in the project, the civic involvement ones, together with international volunteers of the AUM Association from Sighisoara. The key characters of this series were children and young people from grades V-VIII, from the village school. This time we expected the children to learn, discover, and make their contribution in the activities prepared with our collaborators. Here is how our schedule and the daily theme were: Workshop A1 – “From group to team” 💪 Workshop A2 – “A clean and healthy body” 👏 Workshop A3 – “Effective communication” 🆒 Workshop A4 – “Respect for the environment”🌿 Workshop A5 – “Me in Europe” 🌏 The children had a good time at the workshops and asked us to let them know when we repeat this activity.

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