Study visit in Malancrav village

We recently arrived with a group of residents from Archita in the village of Mălâncrav, in a very beneficial study visit! We visited places in the village together and learned the story of the restoration of the APAFI Mansion by the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation, we interacted with the locals and learned how two skilled hands – of the craftswoman Elena Pascu – give rise to valuable products, appreciated by tourists from all over the world! Thanks for the hospitality! These study visits are part of the project’s activity called: Involvement actions in the development of the local economy. The activity aims to develop the capacity of the inhabitants of the village of Archita to participate or initiate and manage an economic activity, based mainly on the sustainable exploitation of local resources: human, cultural, and natural. Within this program, the management team organizes exchanges of experience with similar social economy structures in the area and the organization of educational-cultural events to provide examples of income-generating that could be used to carry out small projects in the community.

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