Planning the activities for 2023

Wednesday, January 11, 2023, Sighișoara: The Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation (MET) announces the activities it will carry out this year in its project
THE BARN: An experiential laboratory for inclusive civic engagement, implemented in the village of Archita in Mureș county.

The project, implemented under the umbrella of the “Self-sufficient Village” concept, invests in the empowerment of vulnerable groups, through support in community infrastructure and creative and experimental learning activities, for the civic activation of the entire village community.

The inauguration of ŞURIA – the multifunctional community center that we worked on all last year and also the infrastructure that we thought about for the civic involvement of the residents of Archita – is scheduled for the first part of the year. Nine civic education workshops for students held within a non-formal program of inclusive civic education, two editions of the summer camp for children, and three volunteer actions with community members are also on the list this year. Related to the latter, for 2023 we have planned actions to place signs and household bins in the village, and benches in the central park, and, also this year, we will plant trees in the area of ​​the Evangelical church.

The activities of the ȘURA Civic Activism Club – which today has 32 members – continue with the construction of a sports field and an interactive theme garden, both of which will be located near ȘURĂ. Because the young people and children of the community will be directly involved in their arrangement, they will be motivated and responsible for a common good, to the realization of which they will contribute. Democracy at the grassroots, the activity through which we train civil society in Archita, continues with four study visits to the authorities in Vânători Commune, but also with sessions to prioritize measures from the Strategic Action Plan. This year we will support the villagers in organizing two income-generating events in the community: a brunch and the second edition of the “Harvest Day in Archita” event. They are part of the involvement actions in the development of the local economy provided for in the project, along with four exchanges of experience with other local associations or NGOs in the area. The ȘURA project continues this year the training of MET team members and volunteers in advocacy and the process of improving the foundation’s external communication. Related to this, we have planned several editions of interaction events with other NGOs and entities, such as “MET&Friends” and “Intercultural Coffee” Event.


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