A success: the first edition of the Harvest Day in Archita event

The event started at 13:00 and took place in the park situated in front of the fortified evangelical church. The celebration brought together a large number of people from the community and, at the same time, guests interested in getting to know the place, trying traditional products, and spending a pleasant weekend day in the village with the most beautiful streets. The locals from the Discover Archita Association were directly involved in the organization and preparation for the guests who came to the Harvest Day in Archita with local goodies (pies, cauldron, and truffle delicacies) and a rich artistic program. 6 folk singers from the area took the stage, as well as 20 children from the village, who danced a modern dance under the coordination of coach Cornel Câmpian from the Children’s Club in Sighisoara. At the project stand, MET volunteers worked with the clay to make magnets with the children using the mold of the village’s fortified church.

The Harvest Day event at Archita is part of the project The BARN – Experiential laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement, run by the Mihai Eminescu Trust foundation. As part of the project, MET is currently restoring a barn that will become a space where the people of the village can meet and discuss or work together on various projects they want for the village. In October, as part of the same project, another civic education camp will take place. So far, 40 children and young people from the village have enrolled in the BARN Civic Club, a framework in which they can interact and which also aims to increase the degree of local cohesion and increase civic involvement organically, at the grassroots level. The MET Foundation believes that education is what can change the life of a village for the better, so this year 2 more camps for children, one for sports and one for music, were organized in Archita, separately from the Șura project. They were attended by 50 children and 12 volunteers coming both from the area and from other parts of the country.

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