We met in the Virtual Barn – the online event presenting the progress of the project

VIRTUAL BARN – an online event to present the progress of our project – „Be part of the story of our BARN from Archita!”

On September 27, from 10:00 in the morning, we announced the progress of our project in Archita, the BARN – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement, in an online event full of ideas. We had productive discussions, together with people involved in the project, volunteers, beneficiaries, and friends of the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation – we, the ones who implement the project – what its impact is so far in the community.

We had a relaxed chat with and about the village community and took part in a welcome brain-storming about other ways to get involved in the project, and outside of it. We shared experiences and impressions, ideas about gentle ways to approach themes and concepts like: inclusion, civic engagement, community strengthening – community: the core of the action, community volunteering, gender equality, underserved target groups, cultural education, supporting the social economy, fragmentation of the community. In addition to all this, we told when we expect the inauguration of our barn and how we are with the sports field and the thematic garden, part of the same project, and what the children of the community want to find in this community center when it will be ready. We also launched the invitation for Harvest Day in Archita – on October 1, an activity aimed at developing the local economy. We tell how others can get involved according to this model. Also then we explained what the options are for involvement in the community, as a volunteer or beneficiary of the project.

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