The first six months of 2022 in the BARN project

Greetings from Archita! And today we are dying to present to you, everything we have managed to do in the project since the beginning of the year: As you know, in this village, located between the gentle hills of Vânători commune, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation has an interesting project underway: ȘURA: Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement. It responds to the challenges of the village community: the community needs to be strengthened, and at the same time the lack of a community space where residents can get involved and participate in various events and actions has been noticed. In the project, we organize various non-formal education activities with children. The project runs for 36 months and is developed with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The slogan of the program is suggestive: We work together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

In the last six months, several important actions have taken place here: we have continued the work of rehabilitating and equipping the courtyard which will transform, in September, into a multifunctional community center, designed as a welcoming place that will host events, workshops, and actions in the community. The outbuildings where the sanitary groups will work have been built and work is currently being done on the sanitary and electrical installations. In the spring, a volunteer action was organized together with the community, a greening in which the inhabitants took part, from small to large, and which ended with a useful networking to which all participants were invited, around a traditional cauldron hot. Also in the first part of the year, we organized five information workshops for the little ones in the school where we motivated them to join the Civic Activism Club – ȘURA. In July we are planning the first brunch in the community, so we have organized periodic meetings with the members of the Discover Archita association, who will be responsible for this action. Through this, we aim to develop the capacity of the village residents to participate, initiate and manage economic activity, based on the sustainable exploitation of local, human, cultural, and natural resources. The brunch we invite you to participate in will be organized on July 29 and included in the Haferland Week Festival, on the first day of the event. In the activity “Organizational development, improvement of external communication of MET activity”, the Foundation organized “Open Doors Day”, at the beginning of June, at the Foundation headquarters in Sighișoara and is preparing to publish a general activity report.


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