Find Out How Was Our Open Doors Event

Noémi, our colleague, is meticulously painting the last letter in pink from the Welcome! sign, but very soon the hum is heard: the first participants in the planned workshops are preparing to enter the foundation’s garden. They are children from Sighisoara, who came to discover us. They sat down giggling at one of the three tables with workshops: painting, making bracelets and key chains or making magnets from clay.

We were then visited by people from our villages or by the people of Sighisoara and tourists. The stories of the people in the villages where we are active are written in a small gallery of images, and many discovered them with both awe and appreciation. This is how we let ourselves be known and discovered in a day which was full of many smiles and new friends.

And that’s because last Friday, on the third of June, the Open Doors Day event happened at 𝐌𝐄𝐓, a part of the project THE BARN – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement. Through this project, we translate our belief that a society is much stronger when its citizens are actively involved in the development of their communities. The number one objective of the project is clear: increase the degree of involvement of 100 children and young people in activities to revitalize community life. In this project there is a component that helps us a lot: Organizational development and improvement of external communication of our Foundation’s activity. As part of this activity, we also organized the Open Doors Day event.

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