Technical room takes shape

Step by step, the barn and the new technical room take shape.
But before we tell you more, today we tell you the story of this barn and the other barns from the village. The barn is an important part of the whole household. It was used to store hay, carts and tools, and to house large animals, like horses, and cows. It is located on the opposite side of the street, and its volume that encloses the household follows the tradition of buildings of the Transylvanian Saxons and is also a local tradition: the presence of twin barns located on the outer boundary of the households give the village a fortified appearance. And now, we are turning this space into a multi functional community center. These days we are building with a technical space of 5.46 sqm, a bathroom with a shower of 4.6 sqm and a locker room of 3.2 sqm. The structure and the roof will be completed in a few weeks, but the installations will be completed at the same time in all the barn simultanously. The technical room will be made of wooden structures and insulated with basalt material made out of wood fibers or hemp.

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