Restart of the restoration works of THE BARN

Spring has not fully settled in Archita, but the team of builders from THE BARN – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement took full advantage of the hot days to get back to work at ȘURA – the future community center in the village, an important part of the project. We are overjoyed that everything is starting to take shape, and in today’s photos we appreciate the care with which the exterior walls are grouted with sand mortar, lime paste and clay.
In Archita, at house 284, where an old barn with personality is being rehabilitated and refurbished in a multi functional community space, the team of workers is advancing rapidly. Restoration work has resumed this month, after it was suspended in winter due to unfavorable weather conditions.
The shores of Archita are emblematic of the village, being unique, due to its size and thick stone walls, reflecting the former wealth of the villagers. The barn will be repaired, repartitioned and arranged to accommodate community actions, in a welcoming environment, which the community perceives as a common place. We must tell you that the works are made in a traditional style, with traditional materials. For example, soft bricks, obtained by hand and used to raise the walls (at the top of the building) are connected to each other with sand mortar, lime paste and clay.


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