First tenth months of the project in numbers

We present with great, great pride the figures of the first 10 months of the „BARN project – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement”:
2 public events held, physically and online: the launch of the project and its presentation in the community.
35 participants in the public launch and presentation events.
9 non-formal education workshops for 58 students from grades I-VIII.
11 volunteers involved in workshops for young people and children.
2 public events to promote the project to the general public: MET & Friends, Haferland Week.
1 greening action of the village organized.
53 participants in public events to promote the project.
3 press releases released.
9 publications took over information about the project.
69 posts on the FB page of the project and 11,705 people impacted.
247 followers on the FB page of the project.
30 posts about the project on the FB page of the MET Foundation: 8022 followers.
14 posts about the project on the Foundation’s Instagram page: 1,219 followers.
15 posts about the project on the Foundation’s LinkedIn page: 112 followers.
34 distributions in the Public FB Group of the MET Foundation: 1133 members
39 distributions in the FB Group: “Our village, Archita”: 263 members
Social media channels dedicated to the project:
– Facebook 247 followers 69 posts
– Instagram 135 followers 22 posts
Creating the web page of the project in Romanian and English:, content, appearance, layout. Creating the photo gallery of the project:
Creation of the section: Press releases:
Updated news section (20 ro-en articles):
Creating the calendar of events:


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