Starting the restoration works of the BARN

We got the ball rolling! We started the restoration works on our project site in Archita, where an old barn will be transformed into a community center. Work is progressing well, now work is underway to close the roof. The barn will be repaired and re-partitioned and we will arrange it to host community actions, in a welcoming environment, which the community perceives as a place it shares in common.

The story of the Archita barns is an impressive one. They are the proud old barns of the village, built of stone, with very thick, large walls, something unique in Transylvania and Romania. These huts are the emblem of the village and are reminiscent of the former wealth of the villagers. Many of them are abandoned and deteriorate irreparably. Through the ȘURA project – Laboratory of experimentation and inclusive civic involvement, however, we save one of these jewels! Our project will give young people the chance to practice active citizenship, and a place for all our meetings was needed. So here’s how this stable, which has endured generations for so long, will become a multi functional community space in a matter of months. Everything is done with traditional materials and techniques.


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