Workshop no. 7 Financial education for kids/16.07.2021

Workshop no. 7 / 16.07.2021_Financial Education for kids
In the middle of the hot July, we set up a very interesting workshop, which we titled: “Introduction to financial education”. You should know that it was organized together with a new very involved volunteer of our Foundation, Mihai Eminescu Trust, Cătălin, a bank branch manager who contacted us with the proposal to be the main volunteer of this workshop.
We thank him for the concept of the workshop and for providing the support materials.

Basically, how did we work? Divided into two age groups, as before, starting at 10:30 and 11:30 am, we discovered concepts related to money, economic and financial education. Basically, we can say that we worked the front pages of our first ABC of banking. Through fun games, the little ones got acquainted with the banknotes and coins from our country and from other countries, estimated prices and found out how and where the money is produced and what the final prices of the products include. This time, the students from grades V-VIII worked a lot in teams and pairs. We told them about concepts like budget, income, expenses, personal and family finance planning and taught them what an invoice looks like and how to complete it.

Finally, we staged an imaginary family discussion, in which each member tried to convince the others that his desire to spend is the most important. The children left delighted with the activities carried out.

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