Workshop nr. 5/Our hobbies

Atelier 5️⃣ / 02.07.2021
On July 2, the participants in our workshops had the opportunity to meet a Karate practitioner and a local craftmen from their village, passionate about wooden constructions. And that’s because the theme of the whole workshop was: `Our hobbies.`
🥋Between games and relaxing activities, our little participants understood that, in fact, Karate means “the discipline of bare hands” and that, above all, the attack is forbidden. The little ones learned how to position the karate belt, attended a KATA demonstration – a series of karate moves, learned what KARATE DO, SENSEI, DOJO, KARATEGI mean, how difficulty levels are divided in karate and what they can do. this discipline including close to them, in Sighișoara.
🛷🛹In the second part of the workshop, Mr. Viorel from Archita showed the children the wooden constructions he makes out of passion: among them the little ones noticed with surprise the model of the fortified church in their village, made with great detail. After the presentation itself in which we found out that you don’t have to invest much to have such a hobby. Then, one by one, the children themselves tried to cut out wooden figurines during the drilling, and some of them went home with the objects they made: a Christmas tree or a smiling monkey’s head, an ax or a sickle.
The practical part was mostly to the children’s taste. See here the photo album of this workshop:
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In June and July, the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation organizez every Friday, together with inspirational volunteers, two non-formal education workshops for students of grades I-IV and V-VIII, in order to enroll in the Civic Club “Șura”, which will be released next year. We thank the management of the Vinatori Commune School for the openness shown in the good organization of these workshops!


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