Workshop of Civic Engament nr. 1 and Meeting with the kids/1.07.2021

July has started as best we can for our project “ȘURA – Laboratory of experimentation and inclusive civic involvement.” And that’s because, on the first day of the month, we happily opened the garden gates at number 2️⃣8️⃣4️⃣, where is the barn that we will restore and refurbish on the occasion of the project.

A lot of children accompanied by their parents or grandparents crossed our threshold and, together with them, we enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon in which we got to know each other better, we played a lot and we talked. in the shadow of the vineyard.
On this occasion, I found out from the little ones what are the activities they like and with which they would like to meet again in ŞURĂ, in the near future. Here are some of them: theater, drawing, badminton, ping pong, karate, skipping rope, gymnastics, tennis, football, dance, film, reading, fishing, boxing, climbing, mime, basketball, karaoke, movie nights, trampoline. How many wonderful activity ideas! We will certainly put them into practice, for sure – at least some of them.

Alongside this, we worked alongside the adults participants in the first civic workshop of the project.


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