Workshop no. 4/25.06.2021

Last Friday we chose a job to our liking! Rather, the 20 children who participated in the fourth workshop that the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation organized in the village did this, within the The BARN – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement. Next are the five workshops in July!

Mason, waitress, shoemaker, firefighter, policeman, painter, prosecutor, fisherman or airplane pilot were among the very beautiful trades chosen by our little participants in the workshop. They also chose the rest of the elements necessary to acquire these jobs: a lot of work, a faculty, authorization, talent, courage, audacity, clients and more.

And this time, well represented during the workshop were good mood, teamwork or in pairs, prize contests and relaxing games. The little ones are always gently encouraged to express themselves freely, to bravely present their ideas and options in front of everyone and to respond affirmatively to the small challenges launched by the Foundation team responsible for these workshops.

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