Workshop no. 3/ Connection between geographical position of Archita and choosing a profession

Workshop no. 3️⃣ / 18.06.2021
We are going strong! The non-formal education workshops in Archita continued very well on Friday, within our project ȘURA – Laboratory of experimentation and inclusive civic involvement. In mid-June, Olivia, an organizational advisor in Bucharest, joined our Foundation as a volunteer and gave us a helping hand by organizing activities related to geography, Archita – a village where she also bought a property – of the advantages and disadvantages of village life. A total of 25 children and teenagers participated in the two workshops organized on Friday, June 18.
In addition to recreational activities – this time we had fun playing mime with crafts – the children identified, one by one, on the village level, the main objectives of Archita, then, grouped in pairs, thought and debated very mature which are the advantages and disadvantages of country life and city life.
The group that supported living in the country found a lot of reasons worth considering, and their determination in presenting their ideas convinced us that Archita can be in good hands in the future. Petro and Casian noted:
“It’s good to live in the village because it’s clean, and the air helps people’s health.”
“Life is beautiful near the forest.”
“You can keep animals in the yard.”
“It’s peaceful and quiet.”
“Children can play on the street without caring about cars.”
“You can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your own garden.”
“In summer, the smell of hay is a treasure of the village.”
“We can get water from wells in the village, which has cold and good water.”
“In winter, the children sled on the hills of the village.”
“In autumn, the village provides wonderful landscapes because of the colorful leaves.”

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