Spring cleaning in Archita, for Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day with great benefit!
We are very proud of how we completed together with the inhabitants of Archita the Spring Cleaning action on April 22nd. The weather was wonderful, the atmosphere full of enthusiasm, and the bags were filled very quickly. We were glad to have with us the hard-working volunteers from GST Recrutare – Sighișoara: Ionel, Alexandrina, Lia, Teodora, Alexandra, Simina, Adriana, Eugen, Octavian, Marian, Alin and Adrian, w helped us. You were great, thank you!
Divided into three groups, we assigned the streets of the village and for two and a half hours we gathered as much as we could, we went under the bridges, in valleys and ditches, we climbed the hills. Finally, the participants received healthy snacks and a refreshing natural juice from the Foundation. The town hall of Vînători commune contributed with the trailer that collected the bags at the end of the action.
Our greatest reward was to hear the little participants urging their countrymen to take part in the action, “Let us gather garbage too!” being heard from them repeatedly, and their reward was a wonderful opportunity to socialize, a cleaner village and an example of teamwork.

„ȘURA” Project – Experiential Laboratory for Inclusive Civic Engagement` project is implemented by Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation and benefits from a 240.804 euro grant from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme founded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021, for more information visit www.eeagrants.org.

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